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Kevin Cook’s Healing Testimony:

My name is Kevin Cook and I had a degenerative disk in my lower back. There were episodes when the pain was unbearable.  I did stretching exercises every day, went to a chiropractor, and even considered surgery.  I had this condition for about 20 years.  I did go to the doctor after year 3 and it was shown that I had a degenerative disk.

I prayed and received prayer for 20 years, believing God would heal me.

One day, 20 or so years later, I just realized that I hadn’t had any back pain for several days.  So, I paid attention to my back for about 2 weeks and realized that I had no pain and that God had certainly healed me.  I can’t even begin to express how happy and grateful I was and am.  I thank God all the time for my healing!! I also give testimony to God’s healing hand on my body.

Now, I can’t tell you when it happened.  I tell the congregation at K1 that we should expect healing during our time in church because the Spirit of God is present…and where the Spirit of God is there is liberty…freedom from sickness, pain, disease, bondages, addictions, etc.



Teresa Beltran’s Healing Testimony:

Late last year, 2021, I was having excruciating pain in my right shoulder rotor cuff. I couldn’t even sleep because the pain was so severe. I went to see the doctor because I had already had surgery on the left rotor cuff and these symptoms were similar.

The doctor referred me to therapy. I went to one therapy session. On that Sunday, Pastor Kevin asked if anyone was having pain in their right arm.  I raised my hand to let you know I had that kind of pain.  Kevin prayed for my shoulder to be healed in Jesus’s name.
The next day on Monday I called and canceled every therapy session that had been scheduled for a year. Never been back because I received supernatural complete healing. Since that day I have experienced no pain.  Thank God for using Kevin. He gets all the Glory and the Praise✝️